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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to transform your space into a masterpiece. Our experienced team of designers and professionals is dedicated to making your interior design dreams a reality. Explore our services below:


Space Planning

Design project


Project Stages


You send us measurements in any format, photos of all rooms, plumbing layout, ventilation and other existing systems.


Payment of 40%. We prepare a technical task with you, discuss your design vision.


Development of a furniture layout plan and interior design concept. Interior visualization.


Second payment of 40% and preparation of drawings, specifications and statement of equipment.


Last payment of 20% 
and Design-Project release.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Maria, project "Silence"

"For me, the key parameter was not so much the ability of the designer to professionally bring ideas to life

(although this is important), but the ability to hear and feel the customer.

From the projects on her website I already understood that I want to work with Nina.

At the first meeting it was clear that I was not mistaken: we immediately determined the style and mood

of the interior, the timing and stages of the project.

A rare thing today, that Nina supports projects after her part of the work is done - drawings and

visualizations are ready. Advices, recommendations and professional support - all of this shows that every

project is important and precious to Nina not less than to the homeowner.

Thank you very much! With a new design project - only to you!!!"


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